”Quest for Excellence: Nothing Else Other than education”


Vision, Mission, Goal


The vision of Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus(BMC) is to be the academic platform for quality education, training, partnership, comprehensive and substantial learning network with global norms and one of the primary contributor in ethical, social, cultural, fiscal and educational development of the nation.



The mission of BMC is to impart quality education and meet the criteria of academic excellence, creating an appropriate environment, opportunities and experiences that enable each person of the society and the region to prosper, grow and progress.




The goal of the BMC is to produce and develop cultured, responsible, creative, innovative, qualified and competitive human resources through academic excellence focusing to the new technology, market-driven and research oriented academic activities and equitable accessibility of quality higher education as per the demand and trend of time and market as well as possibility of the future.



The major objectives of BMC are;

  • To provide quality education and value based education.
  • To develop the academic culture & environment in the society.
  • To contribute the society through different research and application of the findings & recommendation of the research activities.
  • To guide the society to build up civilized, developed, responsible and value based society.
  • To fulfill the appropriate & perfect human resources required to the nation & society.