Campus Assembly Concluded Electing the New CMC

Campus Assembly 2080 of Birendra Bidhya  Mandir Campus, Tikapur, Kailali  has been concluded on Bhadra 21, 2080(September 7, 2023) according to clause 8 of campus constitution 2076. The assembly was chaired by CMC chairman, Mr. Navaraj Rawal and Chief Guest honourable Chief Minister of Sudur Paschim Province Mr. Kamal Bahadur Shah and Special Cheif Guest, Member of Planning Commission of Sudur Paschim Pradesh Mr. Prof. Dr. Jagat Bahadur Rawal , Deputy Mayor Mr. Khadak  Bahadur. The leaders representatives of different government and non-government orgranizations and authorities as well as major political parties, social leaders, guardians, students and teachers and staffs.  Shah. Campus Chief has presented the progress report and financial statement of F& 2079/80 of the campus. There are total 75 campus assembly members representing from different stakeholders  to the campus and total   members were presented in the campus assembly. The major resolution of the assembly was electing campus management committee according the clause 13 of campus constitution 2076. The elcection committe completed its responsibiliy by electing a chairman and eight board members.