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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.1.   Is Birendra Bidhya Mandir governmental or private Campus ?

  • Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus is a community based campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University(TU), Nepal.

Q.2.   Who runs the campus ?

  • It is running under the care of Birendra Vidhya Mandir Public Educational Trust, Tikapur, Kailali and governed by Campus Management Committee.

Q.3.   Is Birendra Bidhya Mandir Multiple Campus profit motive institution?

  • No, It is a community based non-profit making institution.

Q.4.  Is there any relation between Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus and Birendra Vidhya Mandir Secondary School ?

  • Yes, Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus and Birendra Vidhya Mandir Secondary School are two academic wings of Birendra Vidhya Mandir Public Educational Trust. They are school & higher education(campus) level academic unit of umbrella organization”Trust”. However, both institutions have separate financial, administrative and academic provision as well as arrangement till now.

Q.5.   Is this a multiple campus ?

  • Yes, Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus is a multiple campus. It has multidisciplinary academic programs of Tribhuvan University and it provides different courses under the faculty of management and faculty of education at present and it is on process of adding humanity faculty too.

Q.6.   In which level(degree)’s courses are available in the campus ?

  • The masters and bachelor level programs are available in the campus. Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) and Masters in Business Studies(MBS) programmes under the faculty of management and Bachelor in Education(B.Ed.) as well as Maters in Education(M.Ed.) programs are running under the faculty of education.

Q.7.   What are the specialization(major) subjects available in B.Ed. &  M.Ed. programme ?

  • Masters level program in English, Nepali & EPM is available in M.Ed. and English, Nepali, Health and Population subjects are available as specialization subjects in B.Ed. programme.

Q.8.   What is the examination system (annul or semester system) of   B.B.S., B.Ed. and M.Ed. programme ?

  • B.B.S. and B.Ed. programmes both are under the annual examination system based courses where as MBS & M.Ed. is semester system based programme.

Q.9.   Is there one year B.Ed. programme available in the campus ?

  • No, there is not any one year programme.

Q.10. Is there any additional trainings and other programme available other than regular courses ?

  • Yes, there is a special programme named “Competent & Applied Scholar of Honours Programme(CASH-P)”containing trainings, orientation, quiz and project works specially focused to BBS  & MBS student. There are 10 different career oriented trainings like meeting conduction and minute writing training, office management & filing training, Correspondence training, life skills, project proposal writing training, organizational development training, co-operative management and accounting training, banking training including with accounting software“Tally Prime” training is provided to the student within cycle of the programme.

Q.11. Is there any provision of entrance exam for the admission in MBS, BBS, B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes ? 

  • Yes, there is the provision of entrance exam for the admission in M.Ed., B.Ed. MBS and BBS, programmes. Besides entrance; interview is taken when necessary for the admission in MBS, M.Ed. BBS & B.Ed. programmes. On the basis of entrance result the limited number of eligible graduates are only enrolled in MBS & M.Ed. program.

Q.12. Is there any eligibility of academic status/result for the admission in B.B.S. and B.Ed. programme.

  • Yes, student must have at more than 2.0 GPA or above 45 %  aggregate result in (10+2)level  for the admission in B.Ed. course and at least D+ grade or 33 % result is required for BBS course.