Orientation on Project Work Report Writing

Orientation on Project Work Report Writing has been Conducted by Faculty of Management

The orientation on project work report writing has been conducted by faculty on management on 2080-01-08 for the BBS fourth year students. BBS forth year student have to prepare and submit the final project work report as partial fulfillment of bachelor’s degree after the fourth year final examination as per syllabus. Orientation program has been conducted to facilitate the students about the knowledge, process, technical criteria, standard, evaluation system, skills, format, contents, parts, obstacles and planning regarding the project work. The program was inaugurated on the chairmanship of the campus chief Mr. Harka Bahadur Bhandari. All together 60 students participated in the program out of which 38 girls and 22 boys were actively took part. Campus Chief Mr. Harka Bahadur Bhandari, Associate Professor Mr. Dharm Bahadur Bist, HoD of Faculty of Management Mr. Chakra Bahadur Bhandari & BBS Programme Co-ordinator Mr. Lecturer Mr. Gagan Gharty Magar have facilitated the student in different contents, aspects and issues of the project work report writing.