Welcome Program Organized in BMC

Bachelor second year students of BMC have organized welcome program to welcome bachelor first year’s studends. Program was chaired by Parbati Upadhya of B.Ed. second year and Campus Chief Mr. Harka Bahadur Bhandari was invited as chief guest of the program and Mr. Kriti Singh Bom, Member Secretary of Birendra Vidhya Mandir Public Education Trust was special guest Assistant campus chier, department head, teachers, staffs and about 500 students have attended in the program. Welcome program was operated by Mr. Ramesh Rokaya and Mr. Ramesh Bhandari of B.Ed. second year has delivered welcome speech. Tharu cultural dance, singing, dancing, muktak, gajals were presented by the students. Students and teachers have expressed that students should have focused to their academic goal then other activities to achieve set the career of life, they have also thanks to BMC and express their gratitude to BMC for being a student and member of BMC regarding shaping out their career through quality education grooming in such academic environment of BMC. Finally, first year’s student were welcomed by wearing tika and distributing refreshment packet wishing them for the success in academic as well as their life.